2020 Annual Report

The Lord had his seat as King when the waters came on the earth; the Lord is seated as king forever. The Lord will give strength to his people; the Lord will give his people the blessing of peace. Psalm 29:10-11

In 2020, a plague of Coronavirus disease swept the world quickly like a flood. During the pandemic, most of the St. Petersburg church activities were shifted online.  Our gatherings such as Sunday worship, group Bible studies, and care to shepherd brothers and sisters were all done via the internet.

Our first online Sunday worship was on March 15, 2020. We found an advantage for these online activities which allowed us to connect with many of our students’ families in China. Other brothers and sisters who had previously graduated also joined us.

Thank God that the number of participants attending our online Sunday worship is 80-100, while the number of weekly groups Bible studies is 60-70. Through online shepherding, we can care for the brothers and sisters in St. Petersburg, so that everyone is shepherded and comforted during the pandemic.

During the pandemic, people were under great stress, especially some young students. Mrs. Zhao and other brothers and sisters comforted, cared, and prayed for them via the internet and phone whether they were in St. Petersburg or in China. So far, no serious problems have occurred for the brothers and sisters of the St. Petersburg Church, and all of them are in good health, physically and mentally.

Due to the pandemic, the renovation of the new church site at No. 43 has been delayed. Thank God, the whole project was finally completed on September 5, 2020, and it passed the city inspection. The meeting place is new, huge and beautiful.  It will be a blessing for the future development of the St. Petersburg Church!

In this short article, we are unable to describe God's abundant grace in great detail. As the psalm says: The Lord had his seat as King when the waters came on the earth; the Lord is seated as king forever.  Our God is with us and gives us His strength and peace. Although the plague is not over yet, we believe that God's grace is sufficient for us, and we can do everything by relying on Him who strengthens us!









Campus and Returnees Ministry  
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