Discipleship Training:The key to growth for the St. Petersburg Chinese Christian Church


In March 2011, in response to God’s calling and leading, my wife and I came to St. Petersburg Chinese Christian Church (“St. Petersburg Church”) to serve. In the blink of an eye, 8 years have passed. Looking back, these past 8 years were full of God’s grace, shown through the rapid growth of the St. Petersburg Church these past 8 years.


In March 2011, there were about 20 Sunday worship attendees, and 13 co-workers attending the first session of discipleship training. 8 years later, we now have around 90 worshippers attending Sunday service regularly. In addition, we now have 61 co-workers participating in church services. In 2016, we successfully started a second church in Vasilyevsky Island. Many new ministries, such as choir, worship team, and children’s Sunday school came into being one by one. The entire church is in a trend of steady   growth.


More important than the numbers, it is the growth of the brothers’ and sisters’ spiritual lives. Our congregation, especially the co-workers, in their personal devotion, pursuing truth, life development, and dedication to serve have all obviously improved. The speakers and pastors, including Rev. Luke Chang, Rev. Feng Bing Cheng, Brother Fan Shuea, and Dr. Rev. Wilfred Su, came to our gospel camps and they all praised the quality and service of the church co-workers.


All this growth is the result of God’s grace, the intercessory prayers of people like you, and many of the pastoral co-workers and their support. There are many factors for a church to grow, but to St. Petersburg Church, the most important factor is discipleship training.


Staring from April 2011 from our first session until now, there have been 107 people attending discipleship training. The training helps to train a great number of co-workers for the church. These co-workers are the driving force and the backbone of church development. No discipleship training, no co-worker; no co-worker, no ministry.


Discipleship training is the core value of St. Petersburg Church’s pastoral structure, which is realized in:

1. Encouraging our brothers and sisters to continuously grow along the path of decision – baptism – discipleship training – serving.

2. If not attending the discipleship training, you can’t be a co-worker to get involved in serving.

3. It is church priority to provide resources to the co-worker. Let those who attend discipleship training and then become a church co-worker become an honor to be admired and longed for by others.

4. Discipleship training brings out life-change that people can see.


Most importantly, our disciple training is a Kingdom ministry. During the training, we continually instill the concepts of spreading the gospel and building churches, encouraging them to spread the gospel like dandelions, bringing the gospel to every corner of the world.


Once again, we thank the FECA church pastors, brothers and sisters for your support. Without your support, we can hardly move. We look forward to marching ahead hand in hand in the new year, winning more souls for the Lord!


Lastly, I sincerely thank my wife Hui Ming for your labor, support and sacrifice. Thank you so much!







     門徒訓練是彼得堡教會牧養結構的核心,這體現在:1. 我們鼓勵每位弟兄姊妹沿著“決志---受洗---門訓---服事”的道路不斷成長。2. 不參加門訓,則不能成為同工參與服事。3.把教會的資源優先提供給同工,讓參加門訓、作同工成為人們所羨慕的榮譽。4.門徒訓練帶出明顯的生命改變。




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