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Gifts of securities may be made via electronic transfer. The First Evangelical Church Association (FECA) maintains a brokerage account with Fidelity Investment Company for the purpose of processing transfers of securities to FECA and its ministries.


FECA cannot initiate a transfer on your behalf. Please instruct your broker to make the transfer. To complete the transfer, your broker will need the following information regarding FECA's brokerage account:


FECA brokerage account​ 

Brokerage Name: Fidelity Investment Company

Depository Trust Company Number: 0226

Account Name: First Evangelical Church Association

Account Number: 670-178730



After the transfer is initiated, please send an email to FECA at Please include your name, address, and information regarding the transferred securities, including the number of shares of stock, the name of the company, and to which ministry you want to allocate your gift. Upon receipt of the transferred securities, we will acknowledge your gift.

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