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2016 FECA Choir Missions

2016 Music Ministry - MUsic SErves Christ Committee (MUSECC)



MUSECC’s goal is to promote choral music in our churches:   

.  Beginning in the fall of 2016 MUSECC hired a new ministry intern, Yi-Ju.  She will serve the FECC church plants in Michigan.

The third volume of our unique choral anthem collection, Choral Praises Vol. 3 was published and about 20 copies were given out as samples to the participating choir conductors during the second Chinese Churches' Choral Festival on Oct. 1, 2016.

.  Calida, a third year MDiv student at Fuller Seminary completed her music ministry internship at FEC-SGV, but continued to serve as assistant director with Vision and accompanied the Vision team to India during the summer.

MUSECC also supported Vision in July 2016 and the FECG combined choir in early November 2016 on their short-term mission trips to India and Taiwan, respectively.

  MUSECC also a major supporter and co-sponsor of the second LA Chinese Choir Festival held on October 1 with participation of choirs and singers from FECC (both Cerritos and Fullerton campuses), FECG, and FECSGV.


Vision was invited by Serving Foundation International (SFI) to minister in India from July 7 to 25.  Vision served in two orphanages, conducting a 4 day VBS at the SFI orphanage in Bangalore and at Peniel School in Madurai.  In addition, the team ministered in the evenings at different churches and/or chapel services at Christian nursing schools. The Vision Team had 13 members (18 in total, including music directors and team leaders) consisting of young people mostly from FEC-Glendale and 1 person from FEC-Arcadia.  Timothy Kim (FEC-Glendale), founder of SFI, preached the majority of the time and Calida Chu, FECA Music Intern also preached on several occasions.


Photo 1:  Last day of VBS at Bangalore Orphanage
          於Bangalore SFI孤兒院最後一天的暑期聖經班











Photo 2:  Prayer Ministry at Lady Doaks College chapel service

                        Lady Doaks College 教堂的禱告事工












Photo 3:  Calida conducting at CSI Nursing College in Madurai

          珩甄在位於Madurai的CSI Nursing College服事中擔任指揮













Photo 4:  Elementary Assembly at Peniel School

          Peniel School小學集會











Photo 5: Vision wearing chutithar (girls) and kurtha (guys) made by ladies completing their one year vocational sewing class at Peniel School.

異象合唱團團員穿上Peniel School學員經一年專業訓練後所縫制的衣服











.   繼續在2016年秋季支持一位新音樂實習神學生怡如,她將在蒙愛羅省基督教會密芝根州的義橡園堂及東蘭辛堂服事。

.   「教會詩班頌讚集」第三集內裡收集了風格獨特的合唱讚美詩經已出版。音樂事工委員會於今年十月一日第二屆中國教會合唱節期間,分別贈予約二十份「教會詩班頌讚集」第三集給參賽合唱團的指揮作為樣本。

. 音樂實習生神學生珩甄,已完成在富勒神學院MDiv的第三年課程及於聖迦谷羅省基督教會的實習服事,但繼續服事於異象合唱團為副團長及陪同團隊於七月前往印度短宣。

. 音樂事工委員會分別支持異象合唱團於七月前往印度,及格蘭岱爾羅省基督教會聯合詩班於十一月初前往台灣的短宣。

. 音樂事工委員會也是在十月一日舉行的第二屆中文詩班節的主要支持者和協辦者。詩班成員有來自蒙愛羅省基督教會(包括喜瑞都堂及福樂敦堂),格蘭岱爾羅省基督教會及聖迦谷羅省基督教會的弟兄姐妹參與。


異象合唱團獲 Serving Foundation International(SFI)的邀請,於77日至25日,前往位於印度BangaloreSFI 孤兒院及Madurai Peniel School的孤兒院內,舉辦了為期四天的暑期聖經班。此外,合唱團還在基督教護士學校內的教堂及其他教會進行晚間服事。合唱團由18位成員組成(包括音樂總監和團隊領導),其中十三位來自格蘭岱爾羅省基督教會及一位來自亞凱迪亞羅省基督教會。在這次印度短宣期間,SFI 始創人Timothy (格蘭岱爾羅省基督教會)負責大部分的講道時間,「聯會」音樂實習生神學生珩甄也在幾次不同的場合講道。






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