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MUsic SErves Christ Committee (MUSECC)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were few musical activities this year.  However, Vision hopes to start in-person rehearsals in October, admitting only fully vaccinated singers with a new music director and fresh ideas for combining virtual recordings for music learning to reduce rehearsal time. Eugene Hui, who has been singing with Vision for ten of the last 12 years and assistant director for the last couple of years, officially took over and was commissioned on August 28, 2021, during the Vision reunion held at FEC Glendale (FECG). Kayla Dy was also designated as business manager.

FECG invited Dr. Katharin Rundus to lead a vocal workshop on October 16 with an open invitation to all FECA church choir and worship team members. Dr. Rundus, Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) and the wife of a Christian minister in Long Beach, has developed an excellent system to teach voice both in-person and virtually.


On October 4, several worship team leaders and sound technicians attended a Worship Innovators Conference. This virtual conference is a central place to learn about the current technologies needed to develop church worship ministries during the pandemic and beyond. One of the goals for MUSECC in 2022 is to do more music and vocal training, not only for choir members but also for worship teams.

Yi-Ju, the former music minster intern, serves FECC in Michigan and has joined MUSECC as our newest committee member. In 2022, we hope to support additional interns.

We continue to support music training in East Asia even though their in-person training had to be curtailed due to the pandemic. Instead, they have continued their training online and have communicated with their students through the internet. 



音樂事工 - 音樂事工委員會


由於新冠病毒大流行,今年的音樂活動很少。異象合唱團希望在十月開始恢復實體練習,但祗接受已完成疫苗接種的歌手參加。合唱團新任音樂總監 Eugene 計劃以結合虛擬錄音進行音樂學習以減少排練時間。Eugene 在過去的 12 年中的 10 年裡一直與異象一起唱歌敬拜,並在過去幾年中擔任合唱團助理總監。Eugene 於今年八月二十八日,在格蘭岱爾羅省基督教會舉行的異象合唱團聚會期間正式接受委任。同時間 Kayla 也被委任為業務經理。


格蘭岱爾羅省基督教會邀請了 Katharin Rundus 博士,於十月十六日主持聲樂工作坊,並公開邀請所有會員教會的詩班和敬拜團隊成員一同參加。Rundus 博士和一位居住於長灘的牧師師母,一同開發了一個卓越的系統來教授實體和線上的聲樂。


幾位敬拜隊領袖和音響組員於 10 月 4 日參加了敬拜創新者在線大會(Worship Innovators' Conference)。 透過是次雲端大會,參加者學到在新冠病毒大流行期間及期後,用來推動教會敬拜事工所需的最新技術。音樂事工委員會於 2022 年的目標之一是對詩班成員及敬拜團隊,推行更多的音樂和聲樂培訓。


我們的前音樂部實習生怡如,現正服務於密芝根州蒙愛羅省基督教會,並已加入音樂事工委員會成為我們最新委員會成員。在 2022 年,我們期待能支持更多的音樂事工實習生。



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