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2020 Music Ministry

MUsic SErves Christ Committee (MUSECC)

Vision plans to start up again this Fall barter the COVID-19 pandemic lots of prayers are needed to restart after over a year and a half.  New leadership for Vision is also coming, which will require your prayer support.

In addition, the short-term music missions trip to Kurdistan, which was delayed in 2020, will need God’s wisdom and leading to planning for the future.  Sales have been slow for the newly revised and expanded “Hymns for God’s People” but should pick up as churches start to meet in person again.

We continue to support music training in East Asia even though their in-person training had to be curtailed due to the pandemic. Instead, they have continued their training online and have communicated with their students through the internet. In addition, our former music ministry intern, Yi-Ju Chen, who continues to serve the FECC Michigan campus, has joined MUSECC as our newest committee member.

                                               Vision in Taiwan in 2019 at the Zuodong Presbyterian Church


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