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"Revival Through Music" Worship Concert

Crescendo network LA Hub presents the "Revival Through Music" Worship Concert on 5/20 from
4-6 pm in the FEC Glendale sanctuary. Professional Christian musicians will present classical and contemporary music and visual art/paintings based on Jesus' statements in the book of John. Refreshments will be available after the performance. Concert was organized in cooperation with Crescendo, FEC Glendale, and MUSECC.

Silhouettes of the Crowds


Crescendo network LA Hub 將於 5/20下午 4 至 6 時,在格蘭岱爾羅省基督教會舉行《復興》音樂敬拜特會。 專業的基督徒音樂家們,將根據主耶穌在約翰福音中的講論,分別用古典音樂、現代音樂和繪畫藝術呈現出來。 音樂會結束後具備茶點招待。音樂會是由 Crescendo、FEC Glendale 和 MUSECC 合作舉辦。

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