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Ministry of Spiritual Direction

As mentioned above, under our current spiritual direction programs, we hope to trained up a group of qualified spiritual directors to serve the FECA community. These spiritual directors will offer spiritual direction to brothers and sisters at each local church, at training programs, at retreats, and eventually maybe also at our retreat center. We see this ministry of spiritual direction as an important ministry in helping brothers and sisters grow in their knowledge of God and of His will for their lives.


Retreat Center

It is our dream and vision that FECA will have its own retreat center, where brothers and sisters can come and be refreshed, and be encouraged to grow in their prayer life. A deep prayer life is crucial as we seek to be in tune with the heart of God for ourselves as well as for others. Transformation of our inner life through prayer is much needed if we desire to respond to God's heart and call to serve Him and the peoples of all nations.


Retreat Giving

Whether we have our own retreat center or not, we would like to be able to offer personal or group retreats to brothers and sisters in the near future. These retreats are spiritual formational retreats rather than conference-type retreats. In order to make this dream come true, we will need to train up more people who are qualified to give retreats and guide individuals/groups through a retreat process. Furthermore, we will need to gather and write our own retreat (meditation) materials.


Resource Center

Besides personal face-to-face ministry to the FECA community, we also hope to be able to publish various kinds of meditation materials for group/fellowship or individual use contextualized to meet the needs of our FECA community. These materials will encompass different topics, ranging from basic spiritual disciplines/Christian faith to specific life issues. We have published the Chinese version of Jan Johnson’s Spiritual Disciplines Bible Studies.


We also hope to make audio and video digital records of our Spiritual Direction retreats and Spiritual Formation Workshops and Conferences available to FECA church members.


Post-Graduate Internship

In working with seminarians in the past few years, it came to our attention that current seminary education does not adequately prepare a seminary graduate to face the challenges and demands of full-time ministry. Even though seminarians may have done practical or part-time internships at their local churches while attending seminary, these experiences do not adequately give them a full picture of what full-time ministry is like and of the various facets of serving in a church or a mission field. Thus, we are thinking of the possibility of offering post-graduate internships to our homegrown seminary graduates, giving them an opportunity to serve full-time in a church setting, learning the different facets of church ministry life and working mechanisms. These experiences will help further confirm their calling, put them in a position where they can be pruned and molded to better serve God and His church, and gain more ministry experience and ministry skills. Such internships will hopefully put more experience and tools under these graduates' belt, so that they will be ready to accept the full responsibilities of a full-time servant of God wherever they go.


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