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Choral Praises I 頌讚集第一冊

  • This collection of choral anthems represents the favorites of hundreds of anthems we have sung at First Evangelical Church over the last twenty years. We have carefully selected these pieces because we feel they will uplift your choir and congregation, to help bring you into the right relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as they are rehearsed and sung. We believe most of these pieces can be sung by a choir as small as 12 singers (as we have had occasion to do at FEC), but can also be sung by a large choir of over 50 singers. In translating the text into Mandarin (and English), we have strived for "singability", retaining the essential meaning of the words while matching the musical phrasing with accents with the Chinese text. The Chinese translations in this volume is the work of Lucy Chen, senior choir director at FEC and a very talented musician and servant of the Lord. We are indebted to Dr. Thomas Kuo for his tireless efforts in obtaining licensing rights from the original publishers, Mrs. Chris Chen for the layout and art work, and numerous others who helped with typing, artwork, and production.
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