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The Sending Committee continues to support the FECA-sent field workers in East Asia so they can fulfill their calling to advance God's Kingdom.  Here is some recent information:


  • Edwin Leung has taken the position of FECA Missions Director and he joins the Sending Committee in 2018.

  • Maria continues to devote her time to build up her Tapestry Youth Club with a group of volunteers.

  • Irene has taken on a new role to help local believers find their giftings and serve the Lord.

  • Helen's ministry has grown as she has gained much support.  A training center has opened up where she is operating.  She is currently in the United States undergoing medical treatment and welcomes your prayer.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Joel Yang have planted several churches and are planning to move to a new location to start more churches.

  • Tom continues his mentoring of young church leaders.

  • Amy has taken a leave of absence to care for her aging mother in the East Coast of the US.

  • Several potential future field workers are being mentored and trained.  Pray for these young future workers.


The Sending Committee is funded by the Sending Fund which is raised by individual sent workers through direct or indirect appeal to their supporters.  The General Missions Fund serves only as a back-up resource in case of seasonal short-fall.  This individual fund-raising policy was put in place in 2011.  Due to the generosity of supporters who give beyond the General Missions Fund, the Sending Fund has been relatively stable and almost self-sufficient.


Please continue to pray and support our FEC-sent field workers.  They have devoted their life to spread the Good News and transform their communities.



  • 永盛出任了「聯會」的宣教主任,並於2018年加入差派委員會。

  • 美瑤繼續與一群志願同工,致力建立當地的青少年事工。

  • 藹寧開展了新的工作,幫助當地信徒認識他們的恩賜並為主服事。

  • 海倫的事工獲得很多支持,有很好的增長。在她服事的工場新開設了一所培訓中心。她目前因病正在美國接受治療,請為她代禱。

  • 楊明夫婦於鄰近城市建立了數家教會,並計劃搬到一個新的工場繼續植堂。

  • 湯姆繼續指導年輕教會領袖。

  • 鐘蓓請假照顧她在美國東岸的年邁母親。

  • 數位立志當宣教士的信徒正接受裝備和培訓,請為他們代禱。






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