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2020 Sending Ministry Report


The Sending Committee continues to support the FECA-sent field workers worldwide so they can fulfill their calling to advance God's Kingdom. Pray for God's grace and protection to be with all these field workers. Here is some recent information:


  • With great delight, M and S were jointly sent by FECA and GoLiveServe and will be working with Habibi International. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they returned home and hope to return to the field early next year. Praise God, M continues to teach business courses on-line while S has procured personal protective equipment (PPE) from Taiwan and the US and has gained much favor with the government officials in that country.

  • Maria is also stuck in the US because of the pandemic and continues to devote her time to building up her Tapestry Youth Club with a group of volunteers on-line. Praise God she has received her work permit and hopes to return before Christmas.

  • Irene will not be returning to where she previously served and remains in Hong Kong in the meantime. Pray for clear leading from the Lord as to where she should serve next.

  • Praise God, Mr. and Mrs. Joel Yang continue to serve and their church plants are now under the local leadership mentored by them in the past.

  • Tom continues his mentoring of young church leaders.

  • Helen has retired and has relocated to Irvine, CA.


FECA as a sending agency is providing financial security for our sent missionaries who are members of the FECA family. While individual missionaries are responsible for fundraising their respective budgets, the SF is always ready to be their back-up. This individual fund-raising policy was put in place in 2011. Your giving to the SF and/or your direct support for individual missionaries encourage efforts in raising home-grown missionaries from our member churches. Thanks to the generosity of supporters who give beyond the General Missions Fund, the Sending Fund has been relatively stable and almost self-sufficient.


Please continue to pray and support our FECA-sent field workers.  They have devoted their lives to spread the Good News and transform their communities.





  • 我們很高興 M和S 由「聯會」與 GoLiveServe 機構共同差派,他們與 Habibi International 機構在中東的工場同工合作。由於新冠肺炎疫情全球蔓延,他們已返家守候,盼望於明年初重回工場。感謝讚美主,M 仍繼續在線上教授商務課程,而 S 則發起募款,從臺灣和美國寄運個人防護裝備到工場國家,得到當地官員讚賞。

  • 美瑤同樣因疫情滯留美國,並善用網上交流繼續造就綉帷青少年俱樂部的義工小組。感謝讚美主,她的工作許可證已獲續期,盼望在聖誕節前重返工場。

  • 藹寧將不會返回原來的工場地點,她目前正留在香港。請禱告神賜她清楚的帶領,知道下一步事奉去向。

  • 感謝讚美主!楊明夫婦繼續留在工場,他們的植堂現已交由他們指導培訓的當地領袖同工帶領。

  • Tom繼續指導年輕教會領袖。

  • 海心已從工場退役,目前定居於加州爾灣市。