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2021 Sending Ministry Report

The Sending Committee continues to support the FECA-sent field workers worldwide so they can fulfill their calling to advance God's Kingdom. Pray for God's grace and protection to be with all these field workers. Here is some recent information:


  • After spending a few months in 2020 on the field after being jointly sent by FECA and GoLiveServe, MC and SC returned home due to COVID-19. Their future return is uncertain at this time due to the changing political situation at the nursing college which originally hired SC.

  • Maria returned to the field early this year to continue her work with Tapestry Youth Network and a group of volunteers. Praise God that she has received her work permit as a lawyer there to legitimize her return.

  • Irene continues to serve in Hong Kong to work with a local church and do ministry with Love Wanchai and Happy News.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Joel Yang continue to serve their church plants, now under local leaders previously mentored by them. They have relocated their base of operations to Taiwan. They enjoyed their sabbatical here in the U.S. this past summer.

  • TL continues his mentoring of young church leaders.

  • Edwin is actively seeking new candidates for field workers. Please contact him if you know of any potential candidates.

  • The Sending Committee has added new lay members Edward and Alan from FECC and Rev. Michael of FEC Glendale (the new senior pastor at FECG beginning in 2022).


The Sending Committee is funded by the Sending Fund which is raised by individual sent workers through direct or indirect fundraising to their supporters. The General Missions Fund serves only as a backup resource in case of seasonal shortfall. This individual fundraising policy was put in place in 2011. Due to the generosity of supporters who give beyond the General Missions Fund, the Sending Fund has been relatively stable and almost self-sufficient.


Please continue to pray and support our FEC-sent field workers. They have devoted their lives to spreading the Good News and transforming their communities.






  • MC 和 SC 於 2020 年接受「聯會」和 GoLiveServe 機構共同差派前往工場,工作數月後因新冠病毒疫情影響而返回美國。由於工場當地政局不穩,加上 SC 受聘的護士學校出現變動,目前仍無法確知何時重返工場。

  • 美瑤於年初返回工場,繼續她在綉帷青少年網絡和一群義工中的服事。感謝讚美主,她以律師身分申請的工作許可得以續期,助她獲取居留簽證。

  • 藹寧仍留在香港,參與一間當地教會的服事,並投身「關愛灣仔」及「禧訊教會」的事工。

  • 感謝讚美主!楊明夫婦所建立的教會已交由他們培訓的當地領袖帶領,他們現轉移事奉基地至臺灣,繼續擔當顧問的服事。剛過去的夏天,他們在美國度過了安息年假期。

  • TL繼續培訓年輕的教會領袖。

  • 「聯會」宣教主任梁弟兄正積極物色工場同工候選人,加入「聯會」差派行列。如你認識合適的人選,歡迎與梁弟兄聯絡。

  • 差派事工委員會加入新成員,包括兩位來自蒙愛羅省基督教會的平信徒蕭弟兄和趙弟兄,以及格蘭岱爾羅省基督教會 2022 年新任主任牧師許牧師。






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