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     Praise the Lord! The year began with an answered prayer.  The Association Missions Committee (AMC) welcomed new members: Missions-minded individuals whom God has set apart to be involved in shaping and carrying out our Lord’s mandate. The new members are Minh (FEC DB), Shillane (FEC DB), David (FEC Arcadia), Rev. Liu (FECC), William (FECC). 


     In early March, Rev. Wong and I traveled to Taichung, Taiwan to support David and Cynthia (FEC DB), and specifically, to accompany them back to the US.  David suffered a massive brain hemorrhage in the early morning of August 5, 2017, right after the Taiwan West Coast Short-Term Missions, coordinated by FEC SGV, concluded.  David’s life was spared, and he went through intensive rehabilitation in the Shalu district of Taichung City.  David and Cynthia stayed in Shalu for 7 long months of trials and restoration. Both David and Cynthia experienced Father God’s protection, the Love of Christ, and the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit. A WhatsApp prayer cell was created.  Prayers, scriptures, songs and words of encouragement were exchanged daily. Our Lord sent many people to support and care for them.  We thank Evonne  (FEC DB) for taking extended time to care for them.  Today, David can communicate and walk with minimal assistance. We continue to pray for his recovery and faithful testimony of God’s grace and mercy.  “Give praise to the Lord, proclaim His name; make known among the nations what He has done.” (Psalm 105:1)


     We may all have heard about the recent strict enforcement of China’s religious laws and regulations.  Our ministry partners and field workers have experienced these changes; and I, too, was subject to them during my trip in May.  Most recently, one family that FECA missions supports was forced to leave the country. Please continue to pray for His protection, wisdom, and discernment to handle sensitive situations.  FECA has set up a China Task Force to gather more information and develop new strategies to navigate through the pressures and enforcement of China’s laws.  May we continue to rely on His wisdom.


     The cries and challenges of the refugees and new immigrants are always near to our Father’s ears and heart.  We are encouraged to see that Willy T. and Dr. David Y., who were past members of our AMC, have registered a non-profit organization - Habibi International to minister to the many needs of the refugees, internally displaced people, and immigrants in the Middle East.  FEC Glendale has also been ministering to the refugees and new immigrants in Berlin, Germany.  These overseas refugee ministries are challenging, but valuable.  May the Lord of Harvest continue to raise up more workers in this area of ministry.


     Throughout the year, we were able to welcome back and share meals with many of our supported missions partners and field workers – Thang and Ching Ngaihte, David & Ashley, Derek & Esther, Steve & Merrilee , Maria, Helen, Jason & Sarah, Mr. & Mrs. Joel Yang, Kevin & Rachel, Willis & Jocelyn, Tim & Chris, and Irene.  We continue to pray that their time here brought them refreshment and that they will continue to bring encouragement to our FECA family.

This year, we funded 3 new seminarian applicants.  In total, FECA is now supporting 6 seminarians – 4 from FECC, 1 from FEC SGV, and 1 from a Creative Access Country.  Praise the Lord for these individuals responding to the call into pastoral/missions ministry.


     Each local church has been encouraged to raise up more individuals and families to participate in short-term missions and other ministries, i.e. prison ministry, drug rehabilitation ministry. Many of you participated in Shoshone trips, and served in Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Germany, Mexico, Middle East, as well as US Inner Cities. May the Lord continue to bless the fruit of your labor, as well as other local church missions ministries that were not mentioned in this report.


     May the Lord of the Harvest raise up more workers and financial resources to do His will.

Thank you for your prayers for all the nations, love, care, and financial support. Your partnership is always appreciated. I am looking forward to 2019 - May the Holy Spirit empower us with boldness to advance His Kingdom!

     讚美主!年度一開始,神已回應了我們的禱告。祂為「聯會」宣教委員會預備了幾位具有宣教情懷,神所分別出來,履行主大使命的新成員。 他們包括:Minh (鑽石崗羅省基督教會)、Shillane (鑽石崗羅省基督教會) 、David (亞凱迪亞羅省基督教會) 、劉牧師 (蒙愛羅省基督教會) 、William (蒙愛羅省基督教會) 。 


      三月初,王若明牧師和我聯袂前往台灣台中,給 David 和 Cynthia  (鑽石崗羅省基督教會) 提供協助。我們去是要履行先前的一項承諾,即當 David 的健康情況穩定後,陪伴他們一起回到美國。David 是在2017年,參與由聖迦谷羅省基督教會統籌的臺灣西海岸短宣後,於八月五日清早時分,腦部大量出血。他的命是保住了,在臺中市沙鹿區接受加護復健治療。夫婦倆經歷了七個月漫長的磨練和復元。DavidCynthia 體驗了父神的護佑,基督的愛,和聖靈時刻的同在。關心他們的弟兄姐妹建立了一個 WhatsApp 手機禱告網,每天以禱告、經文、詩歌和鼓勵的話托著他們。主差派了許多人去支持和照顧他們。我們感謝 Evonne (鑽石崗羅省基督教會) 長時間照料他們。如今 David 已經能說話,在稍許的幫助下能行走。我們繼續為他的康復,忠心見證神的恩典和憐憫禱告。詩篇一百零五篇第一節:你們要稱謝耶和華,求告祂的名,在萬民中傳揚祂的作為。




     難民和新移民的呼喊和挑戰,經常在父神的耳和心中迴盪。過去「聯會」宣教委員會的成員Willy 和袁醫生成立了一個國際性非營利機構 Habibi International,我們為此感到鼓舞。他們致力服事多個群體的許許多多需要:難民、本國流離失所者,以及中東的移民。過去數年,格蘭岱爾羅省基督教會參與了德國柏林的難民和新移民事工。這些海外的難民事工充滿挑戰性,但十分有意義。但願收莊稼的主興起更多的工人,來參與這方面的事工。


     在這一年當中,我們迎來許多我們所支持的宣教伙伴和工場同工,並與他們有很好的交通。他們是Thang & Ching、David & Ashley、齊堯和恩得、Steve & Merrilee、美瑤、海心、Jason & Sara、楊明夫婦、Kevin & Rachel、偉炫和雅馨、敬道和文琬,及藹寧。我們繼續為這些同工禱告,叫他們在這段期間重新得力,也給我們「聯會」 大家庭帶來激勵。




     我們鼓勵每一間會員教會,自行興起更多的個人和家庭參與短宣和其他的服事,諸如監獄事工及戒毒復健事工等等。你們當中有許多人曾參與下列的短宣事工:印地安 Shoshone、柬埔寨、越南、菲律賓、中國、臺灣、德國、墨西哥、中東,以及美國城市貧民區服事。你們勞苦的果子,以及本報告沒有提及的各會員教會宣教事工,願主繼續記念和賜福。



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