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Phase I - Laying the Foundations of Spiritual Direction

The SDTP Phase I was the first step to introduce the understanding and practice of spiritual direction to our member churches. The two-year training program sought to help participants in embracing six essential qualities for any spiritual director: prayer, listening to God, listening to others, discernment, theological foundation, and knowledge of the history of Christian spirituality. In 2001, thirty participants, including nine SFC members, completed the basic training. Another twenty-seven trainees joined this phrase. The program comprised four components: readings, reflection/prayer exercises, retreats, and spiritual direction groups. Retreats were held roughly once a quarter, each focusing on a specific quality of a spiritual director. Participants prepared for each retreat by reading and reflection/prayer exercises beforehand. The purpose of the retreats was to help participants process what they had read and experienced. Spiritual direction groups met once a month between retreats.


Retreat speakers and the topics for SDTP Phase I:



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