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      Church Planting Ministry


1. Church Planting in the USA


By 2025 FECA will partner with different member churches to plant five new churches in the USA (Goal was modified in 2019); however, all planning has to be put on hold because all member churches have put their full attention to resuming and rebuilding their in-person worship. The committee continues to monitor and develop plans and strategies to meet these goals.


The church planting committee now meets every quarter. On June 18, we invited Mandarin Minister Serena Yang of HOA (multi-site church plant of FEC-SGV) to share the progress and challenges of their new church plant so that we can pray for them. On September 7, Kevin Hu shared with us the most updated ministry of GCDC (church plant from FEC, Arcadia). In our November meeting, we plan to invite Maria Kung, Pastor of FECC-Michigan Oakland Campus, and Pastor Ben Pun to share with us the progress of their respective church plants.


The 2020 Census Data has just been published in August 2021. FECA will do some analysis of the demographics of the Chinese and Asian American populations. We will identify some of the strategic cities and areas that we can continue to plant new churches moving forward. We do see the real estate market trend of many housing projects in Chino, Chino Hills, Ontario, and Eastvale.    


After more than four years of church planting, Anchor Community Church (ACC Church Plant from FEC-DB) will be formally incorporated as an independent church and become a member church of FECA in January 2022. ACC still maintains a close relationship with FEC-DB through partnerships and supporting the youth ministry. Each year, ACC will send 4-5 young adult or college co-workers serving at FEC-DB as cell group counselors in the Youth Group. Under the leadership of the new youth and family ministry pastor, Pastor Joe Lo, they will become mentors to young people; shepherding youth ministry, assisting youth cell groups, teaching Sunday school, and helping Youth Sunday worship. 


2. Overseas Church Planting


After talking to Rev. Paul Zhao and Edwin, we agreed to change the title and role of Rev. Paul Zhao to be the Church Planting Pastor of St. Petersburg Church in 2022. Pastor Paul will focus on shepherding the two existing churches in St Petersburg and continue to plant new churches in other areas. Rev. Paul will continue to disciple the students who graduated from Russia and have returned to South East Asia to grow future house church leaders. Due to the pandemic, Rev. Wong’s trip to St. Petersburg to dedicate the new church facility will be postponed to June 2022.


Our church planters Adam Lin and his wife Susan relocated to Taiwan on September 23. He will continue to mentor two lay pastors in East Asia and participate in drug rehabilitation ministry in Taiwan. His vision for the house church in East Asia is to develop the current two Bible study groups in other provinces into church groups and increase to six or more Bible study groups in the next 3 years.  


In conclusion, church planting many challenges in the last two years, however, we are so grateful that each sending church continues to support all church planters through prayer, caring, and financial support. May the Lord continue to bless all the frontline church planters and their family.

1. 美國本土植堂事工


植堂委員會現在每季度開會一次。 6月18日,我們邀請到豐盛之家HOA(聖迦谷羅省基督教會分植堂會)的傳道人楊春梅傳道分享新植堂的進展和挑戰,以便我們為他們祈禱。 9 月 7 日,胡希強傳道與我們分享了恩上之家 GCDC(亞凱迪亞羅省基督教會分植堂會)最新的事工。在11月的聚會中,我們計劃邀請龔秋滿牧師(蒙愛羅省基督教會義橡園堂)和潘騰牧師(AnchorCommunityChurch)分享他們教會植堂的進展。

2020 年人口普查數據剛剛於 2021 年 8 月發佈。「聯會」 對華裔和亞裔美國人的人口統計數據進行一些分析,使「聯會」可以在一些具戰略性城市和地區制定建立新教會的方案。我們看到奇諾市、奇諾崗市、安大略市和東谷市的許多大型住房項目的房地產市場趨勢。

經過四年多的植堂,Anchor Community Church(鑽石崗羅省基督教會分植堂會-以下統稱母會)將於2022年1月正式註冊為獨立教會,成為「聯會」的成員教會。ACC仍然會通過以下方式與母會保持密切關係夥伴關係,並支持青少年事工。每年ACC 會派 4-5 名青年或大學同工在母會擔任青少年組的小組輔導員。在新的青少年和家庭事工牧師Joe Lo牧師的帶領下,他們將成為青少年人的導師,牧養青少年事工、協助青少年小組、教授主日學和幫助青少年主日崇拜。

2. 海外植堂

「聯會」植堂事工委員會與保羅牧師和「聯會」宣教主任梁永盛商議後,同意將保羅牧師的職銜和職務於2022更改為聖彼得堡教會植堂牧師。保羅牧師將專注於牧養聖彼得堡教會現有的兩個堂會,並繼續在其他地區建立新的分堂。他也將繼續門訓從俄羅斯畢業回到東南亞的學生,培養未來的家庭教會領袖。由於新冠疫情影響,「聯會」主領牧師王若明牧師,前往聖彼得堡參加獻堂禮的行程將推遲至 2022 年 6 月。



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