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2022 Highlights

  • Continue church services on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings

  • Regular Saturday evening Youth Bible Studies

  • Two families formally joined the church despite the pandemic

  • Conducted home visitation

  • Hosted various short-term teams from California

  • Baptism


2022 年度服事亮點

  • 繼續在週日和週三舉行崇拜服事

  • 逢週六晚上舉行青少年查經班

  • 儘管大流行仍未止息,有兩個新家庭正式加入教會

  • 繼續家訪服事

  • 接待來自加州的各隊短宣隊

  • 繼續為主施洗


Colonet Baptism 4.png
Colonet Baptism 1.png
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