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Dear Brothers and Sisters, Blessings from Our Lord Jesus:

I am very thankful for the opportunity that our Lord gives us to serve Him, by sharing the love of Jesus with children and adults in 2 different Migrant camps (Bella Vista and Fruvas), and also for the big privilege to pastor the Primera Iglesia Evangelica de Colonet, Mexico.

Each day we can see His hands through all things. When go through difficult times He is always there for us because He loves us, and without Him there is nothing we can do

Last year 7 members got baptized, Praise the Lord!

In this September, 4 members got baptized also.

Serving food for children in Bella Vista camp

Fellowship in Church and praising the Lord.

Reaching out to the community with youth group and food distribution for families during the rainy season

During the big storm we expected many families who were evacuated from their homes. The government asked us for a favor, to use our church for the people as a refuge, and the government sent food for the people. Praise the Lord for the location of our church, and we are happy to be a light for the community and to be able to help.

Prayer Requests

  1.  Please pray for the spiritual growth of the Church members

  2. We need your prayers for next year’s training classes

  3. Please keep us in your prayers for strength, guidance and wisdom to do the Lord’s will.


Thank you for all your prayers and support for the Lord’s Ministry; it is always a blessing and privilege to work together with you and reach out for more souls for Christ.

The Lord Bless You.



我為主給我們機會,在兩個不同的移民營:Bella Vista Fruvas服事祂,來向孩童和大人們分享耶穌的愛;也有極大的榮幸來牧養墨西哥柯羅奈教會

(Primera Iglesia Evangelica de Colonet, Mexico) ,感到十分的感恩。








Bella Vista 營服事孩童飲食。










  1. 請為會友靈命的增長禱告。

  2. 請為明年的訓練班禱告。

  3. 請繼續在禱告中記念我們。求主賜力量,指引,和智慧行主的旨意。





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