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It has been over a decade since Choral Praise was first published i 1995. We had no thought of compiling another volume of choral music but last year, we celebrated our church's 40th anniversary and had a chance to reflect on God's blessings to us during this time. Because of differing opinions about worship styles and church music, choir singing during worship has disappeared in many churches, so it appeared there is no need for another collection of choir anthems. Yet during these past 10 years, we have seen that many church choirs were still using our Choral Praise selections, enjoying and loving the music very much. Of course, we have also been continuously translating many new anthems and singing them ourselves. So once again, we thought we should share this wonderful music with other church choirs and Christian choral groups, so they too could enjoy them. So with much encouragement from many friends, we decided to compile this 2nd volume of Choral Praise.

Choral Praises II 頌讚集第二冊

  • Again, we selected both easy and difficult pieces that would also fit different services and or celebration occasions. The styles include both classical and contemporary pieces, plus our own "Refined, Renewed, Released" anthem written by our own church staff to celebrate our church's 40th anniversary. We also taped our choir to make a CD to help other choirs listen while choosing and learning the songs. May God once again be pleased by the work of this volume of Choral Praise II. May these beautiful songs and the art of music be a sacrifice to Him. Soli Deo gloria, to Him alone be all the glory!
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