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Some of the features of this hymnal are:

  1. This hymnal contains 573 selections, an increase of 78 from the first edition 35 years ago. These hymns include some of the more familiar and traditional hymns as well as some contemporary Chinese and western worship songs.
  2. Each hymn is printed in both Chinese and English. Special effort was made to preserve the original meaning in the translation with some minor exceptions.
  3. At the request of many users, we have added a "tunes" index to help you find songs where you might have forgotten the title but remember the first melody line.
  4. Three hymns from earlier editions were deleted and other hymns substituted due to Copyright issue. We apologize for any inconsistencies you might experience using both older editions and this newer edition.
  5. This hymnal is printed attractively by a reputable publishing company in Taiwan which specializes in printing church music and hymnals.

Hymns for God's People - New Revised Edition教會聖詩

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