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Current Ministries


1. Education and Mobilization


  • Social Concern Conference or Social Concern SundayEvery year, we organize either a combined Social Concern Conference or a Social Concern Sunday at each member church with the following objectives in mind:

    • To build a clear biblical understanding of social concern among our church members

    • To encourage our church members to actively participate in either social service or social action

    • To suggest practical means through which our church members can strive to become the salt and light of society


We are thankful for many great speakers for our past Social Concern Conferences.  Dr. Ron Sider of Evangelicals for Social Action (1999), Dr. Tony Campolo of Eastern College (2001), and Dr. John Perkins (2006) were very inspirational and were met with encouraging response from the attendees, including some from other churches in Southern California.  Our church members were challenged to have compassion towards the poor, and many responded by signing up for various ministries.


In 2008, the World Vision AIDS Tent project was of much help in enhancing awareness of the impact of AIDS in different parts of the world, especially Africa.


  • Social Concern CurriculaOver the years, we came up with different social concern curricula for our church members:

  1. Evangelism and Social Responsibility: Lausanne Grand Rapids Report.  The purpose of this course is to help students gain a solid understanding of the biblical and theological foundations of social concern from an evangelical perspective.

  2. Living Like Jesus:  This curriculum is based on a book with the same title by Dr. Ron Sider.  Its objective is to offer an understanding of how social concern is an integral part of the Christian faith and what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus.

  3. Personal Faith and Social Responsibility: This course is based on Ping-Chung Lo’s Understanding Applied Dogmatics.   It aims to help students attain a sound understanding of the orthodox faith and a theologically- robust worldview, thereby constructing an appropriate ethical framework addressing personal living and social responsibility.


  • Video teaching sessions:"Building the people of power" by Rev. Bob Linthicum (Partners in Urban Transformation) is a course with 27 video sessions covering the biblical foundation of social involvement and the concept of community organizing.


  • Voter Registration DriveWe have conducted voter registration drives to help brothers and sisters fulfill one of the their basic civic responsibilities as an American citizen.  They are also seen as an educational tool to raise awareness of the democratic process and to encourage social involvement.

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