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 2. Social Service and Social Action


  • Social ServiceSocial service ministries are primarily taken up by our Local Social Concern Committees (LSCCs)/Groups at member FECA churches.  They plan their ministries according to the particular needs of neighboring communities.  For a list of these ministries, please read our most recent Ministry Report.


  • Social ActionOur social action ministries are coordinated at the association level by the ASCC.  Most of them are targeted toward social injustices and critical social issues.  Some of the issues to which the ASCC has responded include:

    • Police brutality of the Monterey Park Police Department

    • Persecution of Christians in various places in the world

    • Jubilee 2000 Campaign - Calling for the forgiving of foreign debt owed by  the world's poorest countries

    • Call to Renewal - Overcoming poverty in the U.S.

    • Homosexual issues and legislation

    • Physician-assisted suicide legislation

    • Car dealer fraud perpetuated against new immigrants

    • Modern-day slavery and human trafficking


Social Concern Prayer
A social concern prayer meeting takes place at our member churches once every two months.  This prayer is aimed at familiarizing brothers and sisters with pressing issues and needs in society.  It is also meant to help them relate their faith to the issues and come up with a biblical response.  By doing so, brothers and sisters will gain a fuller understanding of the justice of God and will be more in touch with His compassionate heart for the broken and oppressed.


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