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3. Networking
A crucial element of our ministry is to build connections with organizations and groups that share a common objective in furthering God's love and justice.  Some of our ministry partners are:


  • Y-Malawi: Sponsoring children in Malawi (Africa) and sending short-term mission teams (medical, dental, etc.) there

  • Chinese Christian Herald Crusade (CCHC): Providing various community services in local Los Angeles areas

  • HIS Foundation: Providing medical services in East Asia

  • Servant Partners: Urban church planting in poor neighborhoods


The following are our ministry advisors:


Rev. N. Gordon Cosby, Founder, Church of the Saviour, Washington, DC

Dr. Robert C. Linthicum, Founder and President Emeritus, Partners in Urban Transformation, California

Dr. Ronald J. Sider, President, Evangelicals for Social Action, Pennsylvania

Dr. Timothy Tseng, Board Director, Institute for the Study of Asian American Christiantiy (ISAAC)

Dr. Anthony Campolo, Professor, Eastern College, Pennsylvania



4.  Resource Provision and Referral

In some cases, the need for involvement goes beyond our expertise and resources (especially those requiring legal assistance). We then refer those involved to other organizations or groups that have the necessary resources and are in a better position to help.



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