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Servanthood Formation Community (SFC)                                                                              Back




SFC seeks to provide an environment where members are given to help and guidance as they discern what God is calling them to, so that they can respond in obedience and satisfy the heart of God.


SFC members are assigned personal mentors, who meet with them on a regular basis to give guidance, help them process their journey, give suggestion or advice when necessary, and provide them with ministry opportunities, so that they can learn different ministry skills as well as test out their calling in an actual ministry context. 


SFC members work out their individual timelines, which is based on The Making of A Leader by J. Robert Clinton. The exercise of making timelines help each member to reflect on their experience that shape their lives, to discern where they are spiritually, and to make future growth plans accordingly. Workshops on Clinton's model are provided to help members to further integrate the model with their life development.



Opportunities and Applications


Servanthood Formation Community (SFC) is open to FECA members who have received or are seriously seeking God's calling to full-time ministry. SFC is formed on an as needed basis.

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