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The Spiritual and Ministry Formation Ministry (SMF) helps Christians to act intentionally to:


  • build up a loving relationship with God;

  • enable a Spirit-led submission to the Father's initiative to mold us to be like Christ;

  • carry-out His mission in Christian community.


Below are some highlights from throughout this year:


  • Spiritual Formation Training: We held a nine-week training course Encountering God (from March to May) and are in the midst of a new cycle of Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life (from September 2016 to June 2017) with daily devotions, group meetings, and spiritual direction.

  • In July, we set up a Facebook page, FECA Spiritual Formation Community, for interactive sharing and for posting meaningful articles, spiritual formation events and useful resources.

  • Education Workshops: We spoke at the ABC (Access Bible Convention) Conference in September and shared at FECC, FEC-DB, and FEC Arcadia small groups. The workshops helped Christians from FECA member and other churches learn more about FECA’s SMF.

  • Right Now Media is a web-based collection of Christian training videos. There are over 14,000 videos stored online. FECA has made access available to 233 people from FECA member churches for the training of individuals and small groups.

  • We gathered together for a one-day retreat at the Church of Our Saviour on October 29th. Larry Warner spoke in English, and Chit-Sang spoke in Chinese.


  • Ministry Development Fellowship (MDF): We facilitated 2 groups to walk alongside brothers and sisters from FECA member churches who are in the process of preparing for full-time or part-time vocational ministry.  The MDF gatherings gave participants the opportunity to explore their callings and to receive equipping for future ministry.

  • We are preparing Sunday School curriculum for FECA member churches. We hope spiritual formation material will bless many people.





    靈修培訓課程: 我們舉辦了為期九個星期(三月至五月)的「與神相遇」培訓課程,與「每日屬靈操練」(九月至明年六月),課程包括每日靈修、小組分享和屬靈導引。
•    今年七月我們在臉書上成立了「聯會靈命塑造團契」的分享看板。看板內容包括靈命塑造的文章與活動、與實用的資源。
•    培訓工作坊: 我們九月在華人基督徒教育大會中分享「經歷神培訓課程」,並在蒙愛羅省基督教會、鑽石崗羅省基督教會與亞凱迪亞羅省基督教會的小組中,分享靈命塑造的信息。這些工作坊幫助非「聯會」的華人基督徒與「聯會」弟兄姊妹,認識靈性及事奉培訓事工的事工。
•    Right Now Media 網站蒐集了上萬的基督徒訓練影音材料,「聯會」中有233 位會員在網站上註冊,使用網站上的材料訓練與裝備基督徒與小組。
•    一天的靜修會十月(10/29/16)Church of our Saviour舉辦。Larry Warner 擔任英文組講員,哲生擔任中文組講員。
•    Ministry Development Fellowship (MDF): 目前有兩組團契,透過聚集、探索、裝備並陪伴,協助弟兄姊妹能忠心順服全時間或部分時間服事的呼召。
•    我們正在為「聯會」會員教會預備主日學的材料,希望靈命塑造的教材能帶給更多弟兄姊妹祝福。


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