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2020 Report


Spiritual formation ministry focuses on the process of being conformed into the image of Christ for the glory of God and for the sake of others (II Corinthians 3:17-18). The life transformation is initiated and accomplished by the Holy Spirit, who guides the ongoing journey. Below are some highlights throughout this year:

  • Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life Training: We finished a cycle of Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life from September 2019 to June 2020 and we are hosting a new cycle of Spiritual Exercises from September 2020 to June 2021 with trainers within FECA. The participants were touched by God’s deep love and experienced God in a completely new way through daily devotion, weekly spiritual direction, and a monthly faith sharing meeting. A FECA member church sister from a Mandarin congregation shared this about her journey: “Spiritual Exercises taught me how to be close to God and how to set my mind on God's will. God also led me to face again the pain I didn’t want to face, and to get comfort from Him. My strength was renewed in the Lord.”  

  • Spiritual Formation Material Development: We formed a group and used Emotionally Healthy Spirituality material for daily meditation and prayer exercises, and openly shared in a small group setting. We did an evaluation to improve the material. We also translated the Daily Office into Chinese and facilitated some small groups. Please keep us in prayer for this project.

  • Due to COVID-19 the planned spirituality conference, one-day silent retreat, and monthly meditation and prayer meetings were put on hold.  Hopefully we can resume those ministries in the right time.



  • 「每日靈操」培訓: 我們在 2019 年 9 月至 2020 年 6 月結束了上一期的「每日靈操」培訓,接著在2020 年 9 月至 2021 年 6 月與「聯會」內部訓練者舉辦新一期的培訓。參與者被上帝深深的愛所感動,通過每天的靈修、每週的屬靈導引和每個月的信仰分享聚會,以全新的方式經歷上帝。「聯會」會員教會國語堂的姊妹分享她的旅程: 「屬靈操練教導我學會如何親近神,如何體貼神的心意。神也帶領我重新面對自己不願意面對的傷痛,得到從神而來的安慰,使我在主裡從新得力。」   

  • 靈命塑造教材的發展: 我們組成一個小組,使用情緒健康的材料,每天進行默想和禱告操練,並在小組中有敞開的分享。我們進行評估去改進材料。我們也把每日靈修翻譯成中文,並發展了一些小組。請持續為這個專案禱告。

  • 由於新冠狀病毒疫情,我們暫緩舉行已計畫的靈命塑造大會、一天的靜默退休會、和每月的默想禱告會。 希望我們能在合適的時間恢復這些事工。