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Social Concern 2020 Report   

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation this year, many of our original ministries did not go through as planned.  Below are some of the ministries we have done under the present circumstances:

  1. Participation in World Vision Global 6K for Water: The global water crisis reminds us of people struggling to access the quantity and quality of water they need. A few years ago, World Vision started this annual fundraising campaign rallying participants to experience the average six kilometers walk to get water in the developing world. This was the first time that FECA joined as a team. However, due to the pandemic situation, our 37 participants fulfilled the challenge right from their own home or community on May 16. Our team raised $8,131 in total.  

  2. Supporting the North Iraq Mission: FECA joined forces with Habibi International and HIS Foundation to provide different short-term services in North Iraq. A mobile clinic team was sent in February that reached out to over 300 patients at four different refugee camps. A community center building project designed by a former FEC Arcadia church member (who is currently in Hong Kong) using SuperAdobe techniques has been approved. We hope to send a team to assist in construction work once all travel restrictions are cleared. 

  3. She Has a Name Project (Traffic 2020 Youth Program): FEC youth from Arcadia, San Gabriel Valley, and Cerritos came together the week before the “Safer At Home” order in March for Traffic, a joint social concern event that raised money for She Has A Name (SHAN) to rescue girls from poverty-driven child prostitution in Kenya. The youth worshiped together, ate tacos, and heard from SHAN founder and director Blythe Crow. Despite our multisite work project having been canceled because of the pandemic, by God’s grace we were still able to raise $2,775 for this kingdom cause.



1.  參加世界宣明會「環球六公里 為水齊邁步」活動:全球水資源危機提醒我們很多人無法取得足夠和清潔的用水。世界宣明會在數年前開始每年推出此項籌款活動,讓參加者體驗發展中地區居民平均要走六公里路程才能取得生活用水。「聯會」今年首次組織團隊參與善舉。然而由於避疫措施限制,我們的37位參加者於5月16日活動當天個別在家或社區完成六公里行程,共籌得款項$8,131。

2.  支持北伊拉克宣教事工:「聯會」與 Habibi International 及天鄰基金會合作,前往伊拉克提供各項短期服務。我們在2月差出一支流動醫療隊到四個難民營,逾三百名病人接受診治。一項興建社區中心的計劃已獲批准,建築設計是由一位目前人在香港的亞凱迪亞教會前會友參照「超級土房」技巧來構思的。我們盼望當防疫旅遊限制解除後,可派工作隊前往協助建造工程。

3.  「她有一個名字」(2020年青少年反人口販賣活動):來自亞凱迪亞教會、聖迦谷教會和喜瑞都教會的青少年於3月「居家避疫」令發出前有一次聯合籌款活動,支持「她有一個名字」在肯亞救援貧窮家庭被賣到妓院的女孩們。當天青少年一起敬拜和吃晚餐,聆聽「她有一個名字」創辦人兼總裁Blythe Crow分享信息。雖然我們原先計劃在不同場地舉行的活動都因疫情而取消了,但是靠著神的恩典仍為此天國事工籌得善款$2,775。