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2020 is the 13th year of FECA's Missions involvement in Taiwan. Impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the direction and work of mission focused on the WILL Music Ministry.


Thank God for His blessing and guidance in WILL Music Ministry! This past mission trip, God prepared two new locations for our prison ministry: Taoyuan Men’s Prison and Kaohsiung Youth Prison. During this short-term mission trip, we were able to minister to the Huacheng Evangelical Covenant Church, Taoyuan Men’s Prison, Kaohsiung Youth Prison, “Faith, Hope and Love” Youth Gospel Campus, and the Pingtung Operation Dawn Drug Rehab center. God demonstrated his love and the power of the gospel through our sermon concerts. We saw the students of the Youth Gospel Campus accept Christ and shed tears as they forgave their parents and the people who have hurt them deeply. Many people in the Youth Prison and Taoyuan Men’s Prison also accepted Christ into their hearts! Upon going, some people in the Pingtung Drug Rehabilitation Center who were previously unwilling to believe in the Lord accepted Christ! God has given each one of them a new life and a new beginning. Praise the Lord!

Not only was God’s presence and blessing with us during our entire Taiwan short-term mission trip as well as our sermon concerts in the United States, but people have also invited us to Malaysia to continue our music ministry. God has again opened a new door for our ministry! Please pray for us and ask God to use WILL Music Ministry to complete His mission, to lead people to the Lord, and to let the name of God be exalted!


雅威心音樂事工 (WILL Music Ministry)

感謝神的恩典和帶領! 2019-2020的這次台灣短宣,神為我們預備兩個新的監獄服事工場: 桃園男子監獄及高雄青少年監獄。這次我們去了台北華城行道會丶桃園男子監獄丶高雄青少年監獄丶花蓮信望愛少年學園及屏東晨曦戒毒所。神透過我們的音樂佈道會彰顯了祂的愛和福音的大能: 少年學園的學生不但决志信主,並流淚向主禱告願意饒恕曾經傷害他們的父母親。

在青少年監獄和桃園男子監獄裏,有許多人決志信主。在屏東戒毒所一些之前不願信主的,也決志信主了。 神給他們每一個人新的生命和新的開始。真是感謝讚美主!

是神的恩典在這次雅威心的台灣短宣,祂不但與我們同在且非常祝福我們的服事。在台灣的時候,還有華僑邀請我們下次到馬來西亞辦音樂佈道會,神似乎又為我們開了另一條新的服事道路。請大家為我們代禱! 求神使用雅威心音樂事工完成祂的託付, 領人歸主, 讓神的名被高舉!

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