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In the past years, FECA brothers and sisters have participated in mission trips to Taiwan which were sponsored by different organizations.  Individual FEC churches have also organized and sent short term teams to Taiwan.  

In May 2008, the Mandarin congregation pastors of FEC churches recognized the need for mission trips to Taiwan and started planning to combine resources from all churches, under the FECA umbrella, to promote Taiwan mission.  The Taiwan Mission Task Force was officially established at the end of 2008 with two representatives from each church.  The team decided to start the mission at three different locations: Tai-Dong Drug Rehabilitation Village, RiNan Church in Tachia, and Huei-Ming School for the Blind in Taichung County.


In 2009, FECA adopted the Taiwan Mission Ministry as one of its ministries.  In May 2009, 15 students and teachers from Huei-Ming School for the Blind were invited to the United States to hold music concerts where they shared their personal testimonies.  These events brought the needs of the less fortunate to the attention of FEC churches.  FECA Taiwan Mission Ministry continues to promoting mission trips to Taiwan in the future.


In 2009 and 2010, FECA Taiwan Mission sent over 50 people each year to serve in Taiwan and led 200+ people to accept Jesus Christ.  In 2011, more than 100 people from FEC churches will go to Taiwan to participate in various ministries.


Looking forward, the FECA Taiwan Mission still faces challenges and difficulties.  All FEC churches are encouraged to support this ministry.  May Almighty God look after, protect and guide this ministry, and may the Lord bless FECA as we seek the possibility to establish a FEC church in Taiwan.



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