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2020 Report


Upward Bound Study Center (UBSC) has been serving new immigrants in the San Gabriel Valley for the past 30 years. This is by far the most challenging year that we have encountered.

Coronavirus truly had a tremendous impact on our operation. The staff and teachers at UBSC sprang into action when the Safer-At-Home Order was first announced, and by March 17th our first online classes were conducted using Google Meet and Google Classroom. Not only were we able to take care of all of our registered students who were forced to stay at home, but we also extended our services to many former students whom were left without any after-school assistance as most after-school programs were shut down due to COVID-19.

As summer rolled around, we served 40% more students than the previous summer since we were one of the few organizations that still provided online summer programs in the area. Our Fall semester started in mid-August with the largest ever number of enrolled Elementary Program students. With our current online platform and programs, we are able to accommodate students who are otherwise not able to attend due to their physical distance from the center. 

This is an extraordinary year at Upward Bound Study Center. We are thankful for many donors who have been faithful supporters of our ministry over the past 30 years. Due to the impact of the pandemic situation this year, our annual fundraising dinner was postponed and eventually canceled. Instead of a traditional celebration dinner, we are running a “30 Days for 30 Years” online fundraising campaign starting September 30, 2020. We will post pictures, videos and stories on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ubscus) and our webpage (www.ubsc.org) as we celebrate together. We would like to ask you to visit our website and contribute to our efforts together in support of our community.



新冠肺炎病毒確實對志上學習中心的運作產生了重大影響。 志上學習中心的員工和老師們在居家安全令首次頒佈時立即採取行動,3月17日我們的第一批在線課程正式使用Google Meet和Google Classroom進行。我們不僅照顧到所有被迫留在家中已經註冊的學生,而且我們還將課程服務提供給以前的學生,因為當中大多數學生由於COVID-19的緣故而無法找到仍然開放的其它課後補習課程。


今年是非常不平凡的一年。我們十分感恩的是有許多支持者在過去三十年來在經濟上忠心地支持我們的事工。由於疫情的緣故, 今年我們的週年感恩籌款餐會一再延期至最終被取消。因此我們在今年9月30日開始一個 “為三十年努力三十天”的網上籌款運動。在這運動中的每一天我們都在臉書(www.facebook.com/ubscus)和志上網站(www.ubsc.org)上刊登照片, 視頻, 以及感人的故事, 讓大家更多地了解志上學習中心。希望大家能夠訪問我們的網站,並踴躍地參與和捐贈,為繼續支持我們的社區而共同努力。