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  1. We commit to a joint mission endeavor among our member churches.

  2. We commit to synergistic partnership with other organizations to share complementary strengths and resources in order to reach a common goal in mission.

  3. We commit to global involvement and to nurturing global Christians in our community.

  4. We commit to the intrinsic integration of spirituality, social concern and mission.

  5. We commit to being focused. The effort to focus on a few things is an intentional effort to pursue depth in our global mission involvement.

  6. We commit to integrating the charismatic dimension (open to obeying the leading of the Holy Spirit) and the managerial dimension (exercising our God-given prudence to plan and manage) of doing God's work.

  7. We commit to challenging, nurturing, and sending out quality workers from our community. As we send quality workers out, we will gently but firmly encourage those who are not ready for the field to wait and participate actively in the preparation process.

  8. We commit to distinguishing between the essentials and the non-essentials.

  9. We commit to participating in God's mission.

  10. We commit to biblical and theological integrity and not to be captives of cultural trends and personal biases.







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