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Since the 1970s, First Evangelical Church (FEC) has been engaging in mission by allocating ten percent of its total operating budget to missionary work.  In 1974, a missions committee was formed and annual missions conferences began.  Mission has always been vital and central in the life of FEC.  Thus, when FECA was established, its founding fathers reached the consensus that in order to continue achieving great things for God, a joint endeavor in missions among its member churches is indispensable.  They decided that our missions program should be a concerted endeavor under the leadership and direction of FECA Association Mission Committee (AMC), which would consist of representatives from all member churches.



- Mission Statement

Core Values

Integration of Spirituality, Social Concern and Mission

Missions Priorities

Mission Resources

- Financial Aid / Scholarships for Seminarians & Forms

Mission Education/Training/Retreat

Missions Policy and Procedure Manual



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