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Missions Priorities                                                                                                          main page

During a mission retreat in 1998, representatives from different member churches came together to evaluate the missions involvement of FECA at the time and to reach a consensus for a more focused approach to its missionary support in the next five to ten years. The goal was to utilize more fully and effectively the human and financial resources that God has entrusted to us.  After careful prayer and discussion, the retreat participants agreed upon the following mission ministry priorities:


  • Ministry Development
    Nurture and develop long-term and quality full-time servants of God.


  • Mobilization
    Motivate church members to participate in global missions.


  • Sending
    Support for FEC-grown and FECA-sent missionaries.


  • East Asia Ministry
    Multifaceted ministries to reach the unreached in East Asia.


  • Creative Access Ministry and Bi-Vocational Workers
    Reach out to those in creative access areas as Christian professionals.


  • Diaspora Chinese Ministry
    Partner with other organizations to provide training and evangelism to mainland Chinese who have gone overseas.

  • Muslims Concern
    Educate and mobilize church members to be concerned for and to reach out to Muslims.


  • Cultural Mission

  • African Mission,  Theological Training, Church Planting and Evangelism


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