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Spiritual Direction is a classical practice throughout church history. When one looks at the history of spirituality, one finds spiritual direction being practiced by Christians throughout the ages - from the early church, the desert fathers and mothers, Christians in the Middle Ages, up to the present time. It is a very valuable practice and ministry that has somehow been forgotten by many church traditions. Spiritual direction can play a very significant role in our Christian journey.


What is Spiritual Direction?



      1. Phase I - Laying the Foundations of Spiritual Direction

      2. Phase II - Becoming a Spiritual Director & Retreat speakers for SDTP Phase II and the topics                                 they address

      3. Phase III - Exercising the Gift and Skill of a Spiritual Director & Workshop Topics                                    

      4. Phase IV - Spiritual Exercises /19th Annotation
 Trainer: Loyola Institute for Spirituality

      5. Phase V - Spiritual Direction Training under Supervision
                              Trainer: Loyola Institute for Spirituality


      6. Spiritual Exercises Daily Retreat (September 2017 to June 2018)

               Trainer: Loyola Institute for Spirituality

      7. Spiritual Exercises /19th Annotation Retreat (September 2017 to June 2018)

               Trainer: Loyola Institute for Spirituality

Opportunities and Applications

Spiritual Direction Training Program (SDTP) is open to FECA members who are committed to learn and practice spiritual direction in serving the member churches. For further information, please email






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